TO DO List

LIBRE already has an extensive set of functionality but there are things and functionality everybody would like to see added, here is a list of those things.

Database sources

  • Add DB Source support
    • Pony ORM


  • Multiple DataStores support
  • File-based DataStore
  • DataStore router support
  • DjangoStorage DataStore support


Filebased sources

  • Add compressed file support
  • Skip blank lines?
  • Switch from column widths to column ranges
  • Toggable auto update via inotify, polling or python-watchdog
  • Add internal support for open ranges for rows “10-“
  • Migrate Spreadsheet regex import and skip solution to other filebased sources
  • Add row number exclusion support during import


  • Add Relationship support
  • Specify number of versions to keep, deleting old ones
  • Add instructions to sources, per source type
  • Add row number exclusion support during import
  • Stored JSON data index support
  • JSON source descriptor export and import
  • Rename ‘timestamp’ to ‘version’ and allow user defined version strings
  • Data translation
  • Remap JSON names
  • Password reset view


  • Add D3 renderer
  • Add Google Maps renderer

Job processing

  • Add Celery support or subprocess


  • Views support
  • Dataset Namespaces
  • Result reformating to allow including metadata in HTTP response
    • { “result”: {“a”: 1, “b”: 2}, “count”: 2, “limit”: 100, “response_time”: “100ms”}
  • LQL based pagination (size and page number) (Andres Colón)
  • Expand the _fields directive to support dot and index notations
  • Sorting
    • _order=<field name>,<field name>
    • sort(+field_name,-field_name)
    • Ascending (field name)
    • Descending (-field name)
  • Add regex support
    • _match
  • Annotations
  • Limiting
    • _limit=<soft limit of elements>
  • Skipping results
    • _skip=<number of elements>
    • _first
    • _last
    • _one
      • Return error if more than one
  • Combined
    • _limit=(count, start, maxCount)
  • Joins between datasets
    • _join=<data set name>,<join type>,<current set field>__<foreign set field>,<current set field>__<foreign set field>
    • _relation=(field, subquery)
  • Field selection
    • _select=(field_name, field_name)
  • _distinct
  • _excludes


  • Add support for generating output formats other than JSON
    • Shapefiles
    • GeoJSON - DONE
    • CSV
    • Excel
    • XML - DONE
    • NIEM
    • Fixed width

Web services sources

  • Add caching support to WS Sources
    • TTL support